Jessica Biel is known for having a svelte body, but she packed on the prosthetic pounds when she played a pregnant woman in New Year's Eve ... and in an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Jessica gushed about how much she loved it! 

Jessica Biel

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Jessica stated, "It was good! I had a [pregnant belly] suit on that went from here to here [across belly] and I had the biggest boobs that hung to here. And I ate whatever I wanted -- it was great!"

Jessica Biel

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The 29-year-old actress stars along side some big names in the upcoming flick, including Ashton Kutcher, Robert DeNiro, Katherine Heigl, Seth Meyers, Sofia Vergara, Zac Efron, Lea Michele, Josh Duhamel, Michelle Pfieffer, Alyssa Milano and Sarah Jessica Parker.

New Year's Eve is out December 9th. Are you excited to see the flick?!

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