Stars: They're clumsy like us!

Kelly Osbourne took to Twitter to share a somewhat embarrassing tidbit with her fans -- she fell out of bed while sleeping, which resulted in fracturing her hand in THREE places!! OUCH! And the TV star wasn't shy about sharing all the details through a series of tweets about the experience!

Kelly Osbourne waves in a red dress and platinum blond hair

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Kelly tweeted on Sunday, "i must be the most accident prone/stupid person it the world i fell out my bed while sleeping last night & fractured my hand in 3 places!" Sounds really painful, eek!

And the notably gregarious tweeter didn't stop there. She went on to write "its my left hand & im left handed so my mum has to brush my hair & cut my food 4 me i feel like a baby again. of course my mum is loving it!" Well, she must still be rather dextrous with her right hand, because she's been tweeting up a storm about this!

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And just an hour later, she wrote, "the worst part is i permanently look like I'm giving everyone the thumbs up because of the way its casted! i look like such a twat!" Aww, well at least she doesn't have to do any of her Christmas-present wrapping herself? Maybe she already had a Christmas-present-wrapper on staff -- I don't know much about her personal employee roster.

And then in the middle of the night, Kelly tweeted, "im in sooooooo much pain i can't sleep it's bloody excruciating!"

Yikes, that's the worst. We hope the pain subsides so she can enjoy holiday celebrations!

Would you tweet as much about an injury as Kelly has??

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