We know Mondays can be a drag, so why not take a break and listen to some tunes?! This week,we’re honoring some big names with a mix of new, old, and Christmas! 'Tis theseason! Now, give your ears a little holiday gift and take a listen to MyMonday Playlist!

To start things off, Taylor Swift released the music videofor her latest single Ours, which is included on the special edition of SpeakNow. Not only is the song just oh-so-adorable, but the video is prettyfantastic too!

Mumford & Sons is the perfect choice when you want tojust kick back and listen to some real talent. I actually forgot about theirsong, The Cave, until my iPod decided to remind just how amazing it is. Majorprops to my music buddy!

Michael Buble released his full Christmas album last monthand it shot up right to the top of the iTunes chart this week. Coming from anowner of the album, it’s no surprise since it’s filled with Buble’s takes onall the great holiday classics. His version of All I Want For Christmas Is Youhas to be my personal fav. Get ready to swoon, ladies!

Keeping up with the jolly holiday theme, let’s bring in oneof the best Christmas tunes of all time. ‘N SYNC’s Merry Christmas, HappyHolidays doesn’t just include the right amount of cheesy boy-band joy -- thesong is actually REALLY catchy!

The Queen of Pop (and one of my personal favorites), BritneySpears turned 30 over the weekend! In honor of her special day, we’re going toflashback to the very beginning of her career. Any remember (You Drive Me)Crazy?! Ahh, the 90s, how I miss you. Happy birthday, Brit Brit!

Speaking of the '90s, why don’t we wrap things up with aMAJOR classic that had everybody dancing and singing in their car?! Aqua mayhave only had one #1 hit with Barbie Girl, but it’s one that will always remainin our hearts.

We hope you enjoyed your break from reality with MusicMonday! With those Christmas and classic old school jams, we have a feeling you’llbe singing your way through the rest of the week!

Which song was YOUR favorite on the list?!

Videos Courtesy of YouTube