Nicki Minaj rocked an awesome Taylor Swift-esque wig at the 2011 Billboard Women in Music Awards -- and paired with a skin tight black & white dress, Nicki's style was as bold as ever. But it looks like the same attention to detail wasn't put in her makeup -- close-up pics of the star reveal that her makeup contouring on her nose was not blended in and it looked... odd.

Nicki Minaj

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Nose contouring with makeup is a pretty common practice, but we're not fans of it. It's like IRL photoshop. And Nicki's got a great nose so she really doesn't need to bother with those kinds of makeup illusions. Especially since the rest of her makeup style -- with bubble-gum-colored lips and dramatic false eyelashes -- is so fun and fierce.

At the awards show, Taylor Swift took home the Woman of the Year prize (the girl is gonna need a separate house for her awards soon enough), while Nicki walked away with the Rising Star award. We certainly agree with Billboard's pick for the award, though Nicki's makeup artist might need to be kicked out of her orbit.

Do you think Nicki's curious makeup was intentional or accidental??

Photos Courtesy of Fame Pictures