Disney Channel stars Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are all grown up and rockin' the spotlight now, but just a few years ago, the girls were just trying to make it in Hollywood!

Now that the girls are stars, videos have surfaced of the trio's Disney channel auditions for their shows Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place and Sonny With a Chance.  First up: Miley Cyrus auditioning for her role in Hannah Montana at just 12-years-old.  Originally, the people casting the show felt Miley was too young for the role, but after several auditions, she obviously changed their minds.  The show had it's final episode in January 2011, and Miley sure has grown up since these audition tapes by taking on dating, producing albums under her own name instead of Hannah Montana, and even having a few roles on the big-screen!

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At 11-years-old Selena Gomez auditioned for Wizards of Wavely Place in this audition tape, which shows not only her adorable audition, but how there are a bunch of areas that have remained unchanged about the star now that she has become famous!  Wizards is in it's final season, with the finale episode coming in January 2012.  Although the Disney show is where Selena got her start, she's all grown up now, with a singing career,  TV and theater movies, and a VERY publicized relationship with her famous boyfriend Justin Bieber.

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Demi Lovato was 15-years-old when she auditioned for Disney's Sonny With a Chance, after she had already been cast in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock alongside the Jonas Brothers.  After her time in rehab, Demi dropped out of Sonny in 2011, but the show still remains on air as it's spinoff So Random, with a lot of the original cast still in place.  Now that Demi isn't on the show anymore, she is making her big comeback in music, which she has made it clear is her number one focus right now. 

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Well, now that these girls are all grown up, it looks like Disney is going to have to start rounding up it's next batch of stars!  Hmm...perhaps Selena's soon-to-be little brother or sister could be a future candidate!?

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