Taylor Swift looks absolutely stunning in her new advertisement for Covergirl -- but that might be just the reason why it was banned in the United Kingdom!

Procter and Gamble confirmed to E! News that Swift's ad has been dropped in England because of "excessive photoshopping!" The National Advertising Division agreed with Procter & Gamble's decision, saying that P&G "has acted properly in discontinuing superior performance claims made in print advertising by the company for it's Covergirl NaturalLuxce Mousse Mascara."

Taylor Swift's Covergirl Ad

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But don't ads get photoshopped all the time -- what gives!? Well, Covergirl's claim is that the Mascara being advertised gives lashes 2 times more volume and is 20 percent lighter than other mascaras, which is evident by Taylor's volumunous lashes in the photo. However, Swift's look is from photoshopping -- not just using the product -- giving an "implied message" that those who use the mascara "would get lashes like those depicted in the advertisement."

Because Swift's gorgeous lashes in the photograph were not solely achieved by the mascara, the ad is considered misleading. Oh well -- I'm sure this isn't going to hurt her in the long run too much, dont you agree!?

Do you think Swift's ad should've been pulled?!

Photos Courtesy of: Procter & Gamble