Happy Birthday, Justin Timberlake! While his big 3-0 was last year, this year marks his golden birthday, in that it's Jan. 31st, and he's turning 31!

The former curly-haired, frosted-tipped frontman of boyband ‘N SYNC is now a grown man (and also engaged to the luckiest girl ever, Jessica Biel, sigh). So in honor of his special day, we've decided to take a look back at the many years we've loved Justin.

We’re highlighting everything from his Mickey Mouse Club days to his public romance with Britney Spears. So Justin, here is Hollywire’s birthday gift to you! Enjoy!

Justin Timberlake from his 'N Sync days and at the premiere of "In Time"

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1. Mickey Mouse Club

JT got his start as a little tikeon Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club alongside other future superstars, like BritneySpears, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling. How could you not fall in lovewith mini-Justin and all those great early ‘90s clothes?!

2. ‘N SYNC

Ah, the good old days. Timberlakemade a name for himself as one of the five members of the hottest boy band in the '90s, N SYNC. The platinum, curly-hairedteen dream sang and danced his way into the hearts of tween girls the world over. It wasalso during this time where he started dating a certain world-famous, belly-baring pop singer…

3. The Britney Years

Justin and Britney rekindled theirrelationship (they dated back during their MMC days, you know) when Spearsstarted opening up for ‘N SYNC on tour. The couple dated from 1999 to 2002.They will always be the best pop couple there ever was. Sorry Justin andSelena!

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4. Going Solo

Justin shed his boy band identity in 2002 when he decided to make a solo album -- which was a critical point in his career! His album Justified debuted at #2 on theBillboard chart and featured some major names like The Neptunes and Timbaland.But it was his second album Future Sex/LoveSounds that was hugely successfuland showed off a different, sexier side of Justin that many had never seenbefore.

5. Business Man

While JT loves working in theentertainment industry, he proved that he is more than just a pretty face andhot bod. He is the co-owner of three restaurants, has his own brand of tequila,a clothing line and is the spokesman for brands like Sony and Givenchy. And totop it off, he recently announced that he is launching a new TV channel forMyspace!

6. And He Acts!

Many singers have tried their handat acting and, let’s be honest, it doesn’t always turn out to be a huge smash.Well, that wasn’t the case for the birthday boy! He got his first movie debutin the Disney Channel movie Model Behavior in 1999 -- but from there steered clear of campy flicks, giving some gritty performances in indies Alpha Dog and Black Snake Moan. But it was his role as Sean Parker in the 2010Oscar-nominated flick The Social Network that really made people take a stepback and notice what he great actor he really was! He followed that up with2011’s Bad Teacher alongside ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz, Friends With Benefitswith Mila Kunis, and In Time co-starring Amanda Seyfried.

7. Romancing  Jessica Biel

Timberlake had other flings andrelationships after his break up with Spears, like Cameron Diaz ,for example.But it was one lady that really captured his heart – Jessica Biel. The couplestarted dating back in 2007 and were on and off throughout their relationshipuntil they called in quits in March 2011. But they didn’t stay away fromeach other for too long. I guessthey just couldn’t fight the fact that they were totally meant for each other,which led to the next JT moment on the list…

8. Putting A Ring On Jessica Biel

News broke earlier this month thatJustin had finally proposed to Jessica after five years of dating. While the twostill haven’t come out with the official confirmation, his grandmother did saythat it was true. So that’s pretty much the same thing, right? While we stillmay be a teensy bit jealous of Jessica, we can’t deny the fact that they are pretty perfect for each other. Or at least, perfect-looking, and the rest probably gets worked out easily.

We're looking forward to adding many more chapters to the JT timeline (fatherhood, perhaps??). He’ll always be one of our favorite men of Hollywood (even if he's off the market), and we wish him a very happy birthday!

What Justin moment was YOURfavorite?!