TGIF everybody! Or should I say Happy Hot Guy Friday! Lastweek, we gave you the tough decision to decide who should win – strictly onlooks -- the Best Actor for the Golden Globes. We know how difficult that wasfor you but we’re putting you up to another challenge! For this week’s HGF, weare highlighting the men of CW’s hit series Gossip Girl!

 Collage of Gossip Girl Men for Hot Guy Friday

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Chace Crawford, or should we say Nate Archibald, definitelyhas that All-American man look going on. His messy dark blonde locks are alwayspicture perfect, his blue eyes make you swoon, and hello! Have you seen thatsmile? We totes adore him. Ed Westwick will probably always be known as ChuckBass, but we love it! We adore that simple grin and he’ll always get you withjust one look. Penn Badgley and those deep brown eyes will be the dreamy,intelligent man your life. Even Blake Lively took notice for a couple years!

 Alright, time to take everything into consideration anddecide which man YOU love the most? Take a look at our gallery and cast yourvote below!

 Photos Courtesy of Fame Pictures