We hear about celebrity cat fights and Twitter wars all the time -- but this brawl, involving Jeremy Renner, is serious... and scary!!

The Mission Impossible 3 star was at a bar in Phuket, Thailand with his friend Vorasit Issara, when several men attacked his friend, stabbing Issara in the stomach and slashing his throat with an axe! Horrifying!! Issara is reportedly recovering in the hospital, and the men who attacked him have been arrested.

Jeremy Renner in a suit at 'The Town' premiere

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While earlier reports had stated that Renner had been injured in the fight as well, Renner's reps made a statment to MTV News clarifying that he left as soon as the fight broke out. We can't imagine that Renner would just flee the scene, so there may be more to it than that. Maybe Renner should have used his stunt training from Mission Impossible to break up the fight?

In any case, we're glad that his friend survived the frightening encounter, and happy that Renner was not involved at all!!

Renner has been in the Philippines filming The Bourne Legacy. He replaced Matt Damon as the star of the franchise after Matt turned down the latest installment. While we loved Damon as Jason Bourne, we feel like Renner is a worthy replacement.

Do you think that Jeremy was more involved with the bar fight than his reps let on??

Photo Courtesy of Fame Pictures