Lindsay Lohan may have finally found the role that could resuscitateher career: Elizabeth Taylor. The Hollywood insider blog has reported that the troubled starlet is in early talks to play the late legend in the Lifetime movie Elizabeth and Richard: A Love Story -- about the tumultuous, passionate relationship between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

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Lindsay has often been compared to the legend, not just because they share a physical resemblance. Elizabeth was a tabloid magnet with an endless sea of personal dramas, and an overbearing stage mom to boot. The real question looming is whether Lindsay can be professional and commit to a challenging role such as this.

Aside from the controversial casting choice, doesn't it seem a little soon to be making movies about Taylor? She died less than a year ago. I get WHY they're moving quickly, because there's probably more interest soon after her death, but the whole thing seems a little opportunistic and makes me dubious of the movie's credibility.

Do you think Lindsay is the right choice for the role? If not, who would you have cast??

Photo Courtesy of Pacific Coast News