Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are one star couple that keeps their relationship under the radar. I sometimes forget that the A-list couple are even together, let alone married! Well, at long last, Daniel and Rachel, who got quietly married six months ago, made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Madrid premiere of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! And aren't they a fine looking pair...

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Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig at the Madrid Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Premiere

I've always had a girl crush on Rachel Weisz. She's so effortlessly radiant and brilliantly talented. I try to mimic her sexy, understated style and relentlessly attempt to track down her skin regimen (I've concluded that it's magic).

Their Happily Ever After story is interesting, to say the least. Last November, Rachel split with fiance of 5 years, and father to her 4-year-old daughter, Black Swan director Darren Arronofsky -- and just a month later, romance rumors began between Rachel and Daniel, who were co-starring in the film Dream House. Just six months later, Daniel and Rachel married. Hmm. That's a Hollywood scandal if I've ever heard one! And yet, the media (present company included) largely glossed over this story.

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Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig at the Madrid Girl With the Dragon Tattoo PremiereSo how did they sidestep a scandal? Personally, I think my girl crush clouded my blogger vision. And Daniel is pretty crush-worthy himself (I mean, come on, he's James Bond...). And they kept everythig low-key -- Daniel and Rachel got married in a quiet, small ceremony (only 4 guests, including Daniel's children!) and it took them nearly seven months after their nuptials to pose on their first red carpet as a couple. Pretty well played, if you ask me. While there may have been some personal strife, we're glad it's long over so we can just ogle at how cute these two are together.

What do you think of Daniel and Rachel together??

Photos Courtesy of Fame Pictures and Pacific Coast News