It’s the battle of the boy bands, but we’re not talking aboutBackstreet Boys and ‘N SYNC. Big Time Rush and One Direction are the hottestgroups out right now and we couldn’t help but wonder, who is THE top boy band?Are you loving the goofy Americans from BTR or the cute British boysof OD? Such a tough decision, we know!

Check out today’s Hollywire Hot Minute with our very ownChelsea Briggs where she breaks down this hot boy topic.

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One Direction may be the new boys in town, finishing thirdon England’s The X Factor, but they are ready to take the throne of the nextbig boy band. They just released their music video for One Thing and we’reloving it. But let’s not forget about the boys so near and dear to our hearts,Big Time Rush. They are currently gearing up to release their flick Big TimeMovie, which you catch on March 10th.

So whose side are you on? One Direction or Big Time Rush?Let us know guys!