Justin Bieber isn’t your squeaky-clean teen pop star, butthat doesn’t mean he isn’t religious.

While enjoying some R&R on the beachin Los Angeles yesterday, he showed off some new ink on his right calf! What ishis new tattoo exactly? A picture of Jesus!

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Collage of Justin Bieber on the beach and close up of Jesus tattoo

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By looking at the picture, it’s a pretty good size tattoo onhis right leg. And while some may be surprised by the choice of getting somepermanent body art, this isn’t his first one! Bieber also has “Jesus” in Hebrew tattooed on his ribcage and a Johnathon Seagull bird on his hip. The cute part about both of these is his dad Jeremy has a matching set as well! Aw!

Justin spent the day on the beach and around LA with his father, who he doesn’t get to spend quality time with too often, thanks to hisbusy schedule. Hm, we wonder what Selena thinks of Justin’s newest addition. We’resure a comment will come out sooner or later!

What do you think about Justin’s new tattoo?!

Photos Courtesy of FameFlyNet