Ryan Gosling has to be THE most talked about, swoon-worthy man of the year, but why hasn’t he been shown the love where it’sdeserved? Where is his Sexiest Man Alive title? And what about that infamousOscar snub that had even Russell Crowe outraged on Twitter?

Fans of the handsome actor may be a little bitter about the outcomes,but Gosling is staying genuine and humble about the recent incidents. TheHollywood Reporter spoke to the Drive star at Thailand's Hua HinInternational Film Festival and asked him what he thought about losing People’s SexiestMan Alive title to Bradley Cooper. "I voted for Bradley [Cooper]and I'm glad he won," he replied. I don’t think his fans feel the same waythough!

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Ryan Gosling in green suit at 'Ides of March' premiere

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But what about that Oscar brush-off?It’s been on a lot of people’s minds so of course THR had to address the issueto the star. Asked if he actually felt “snubbed” by not receiving an AcademyAwards nomination, he replied, “No.” Way to keep it simple, Ryan!

The Ides of March actor may not havefelt the lack of love from the Academy but we still feel he definitely deserveda Best Actor nomination. But how do you guys feel?

Do you think Ryan was snubbed thisyear?!