If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like at Hogwart’sfollowing the last Harry Potter flick, Saturday Night Live took care of that onlast week’s episode.

Host Daniel Radcliffe returned to the Hogwart’s Castle andsurprised many by what he’s up to 10 years later. Check it out below!

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When new wizards arrive at the school, Potter tells them, “Theseare going to be the best days of your lives. It does not get better.”

Friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are now professorsat Hogwarts and are a little embarrassed for Harry and his, well, unemploymentstatus. Draco Malfoy stops by to drop off her daughter and says Harry was seenplaying Quidditch…alone…cheering for himself. Let’s just say HP doesn’t exactlydeny it. Overall, it was a pretty hilarious skit!

What did you guys think of the skit?! 

Video Courtesy of Hulu