Kristen Bell recounts a story of how her husband-to-be Dax Shepard got her a personal meet-and-greet with her favorite animal -- a sloth -- for her birthday. In this interview with Ellen, she shows a video that Dax shot when he gave her the surprise, right before she's about to meet the sloth.... and she's literally in hysterics over the mere thought of meeting the creature.

WARNING: This video contains astronomical levels of cuteness.

Ever since Kristen was the sasspot teenage detective Veronica Mars, I've been a dedicated fan. And you can see very clearly here why the girl is so darned likeable. And how sweet of a picture does this paint for Dax and their relationship?? Isn't his reaction in this video so precious?

I just wish we could have seen a video feed of Kristen shaking the sloth's hand. That would have exploded the Internet.

On a scale of precious to adorable, what do you think of this video??

Video Courtesy of Hulu