We're already fairly certain that the comedy remake of the hit '80s TV show 21 Jump Street starring Johan Hill and Channing Tatum would be box office gold, but the studio seems to be banking on the success before the film is even released! 21 Jump Street doesn't hit theaters until March 16th, but asequel is already well in the works, according to Hollywood.com. Kind of arisky move to start writing a script when the movie hasn’t even hit theatersyet, right?

"We are writing the sequel now. We got [the green light]by the studio to start writing the sequel," Hill told E!

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When the flick showed at early screening at SXSW, it waswelcomed with open arms by movie goers. Jonah has even gone as far as to say 21Jump Street is at the same level as Superbad when it comes to some of thefunniest projects he’s ever done! Well, if that's true, then we're sold on the movie and we'll even get on board for the sequel.... 22 Jump Street?

What do you think about 21 Jump Street’s sequel news? Riskyor extremely smart?!