The death of Nick and Aaron Carter’s sister Leslie was onethat was completely unexpected when it happened last month. And while it maytake some time to accept it, Aaron is struggling more than ever. After takingtime off from his work on the Broadway production of The Fantasticks afterLeslie’s passing, he revealed on Twitter yesterday that he’ll be absence fromthe show once again due to illness.

With strep throat, Carter connected his sickness to the lossof Leslie when he tweeted, “Still missing my sister and now getting over theshock of her death. It might have made me sick at this point. #RIP#LeslieCarter.”

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Aaron Carter in light grey jacket smiling at Fox Reality TV Awards

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He alsowrote, “Life is precious & fragile u don’t realize it until u go through anexperience like I have recenetly with my sister. Choose life. Not drugs..” Hedid give a shout out to his fans who are anxiously awaiting his return to theBroadway stage when he tweeted, “Doing my best to recover…miss you guys!!”

Lesliepassed away late last month at the young age of 25. Official autopsy results haveyet to be released, but many have been speculating a possible drug overdose wasthe cause. We continue to send out thoughts to Aaron and his family during thisdifficult time.

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