Many highlights from last night’s 84th AcademyAwards became a trending topic but there is one in particular that we just HAVEto talk about – Angelina Jolie’s right leg. You may be scratching your head buthear us out. Not only was everybody staring at her leg that appeared through anenormous slit, it even captured enough attention to have a Twitter handlecreated. We’re not making this up.

Chelsea Briggs tells you all about it in today’s HollywireHot Minute!

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Looking absolutely gorgeous in a black, velvet Versace gownthat showcased her incredibly toned legs, it required a certain hand-on-the-hippose that she carried on stage to present Best Adapted Screenplay to The Descendants.

But let’s talk about the most outrageous outcome of thisleggy situation – a Twitter handle. Yes, @AngiesRightLeg is definitely a realthing and even carried 11,000 followers. With tweets like “Still here. Greatview, but thank god for the slit in this dress” and “I’m a leg, get a load ofme!!” it’s no surprise it’s gathered so much publicity!

What do you guys think about Angelina’s leggy ensemble? Didit steal the spotlight from Brad?!