We are committed Daniel Radcliffe fans -- not just because he's talented and we love us some Harry Potter, but he seems so genuine and honest in his interviews. Which is why we aren't suprised that he admitted to some rebellious behavior during his Harry Potter days -- in a recent interview, he admitted to coming in to shoot Harry Potter scenes still drunk from the night before. Eep.

Daniel Radclliffe in a leather jacket, January 2012

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He told the British magazine Heat, "I went into work still drunk. I can point to many scenes where I'm just gone. Dead behind the eyes."

Considering Daniel went through what would have been his college years filming Harry Potter movies, this isn't so scandalous. I mean, I saw many-a frat boy race to the bathroom to vomit during morning lectures at school. However, the stakes are a BIT higher when a 19-year-old is starring in a $150 million movie, rather than taking an Psych 101 midterm.

But Radcliffe went on to imply that the problem may have been worse than your average frat boy. "I have a very addictive personality. It was a problem," he said. "People with problems like that are very adept at hiding it. It was bad. I drank a lot and it was...nightly."

Yikes! However, the story has a happy ending. Radcliffe kicked his alcohol habit over a year ago -- he's been sober since November of 2010, according to Limelife. "You either have to change something or give into that shame," he said.

Well, we're glad that his addiction didn't take over his work. And with his first post-Potter flick The Woman in Black surpassing box office expectations this past weekend, we're confident that Radcliffe is going to be giving some impressive (and sober!) performances for many years to come.

Do you think Daniel's drinking affected his performance in Harry Potter at all??

Photo Courtesy of Fame Pictures