Demi Lovato has been very open about her personal strugglesshe’s had to overcome in the past year. She’s now giving fans an even closerinside look into her life during a new MTV documentary special Demi Lovato:Stay Strong airing Tuesday, March 6th! With her stint in rehab forcutting and an eating disorder, the star wanted to show her ‘Lovatics’ how shedeals with her day-to-day life in her most private moments.

"I wanted to share my story but I knew it had to behonest, it had to be real," Lovato said in a statement. "I have dailychallenges but so do many kids who are struggling to feel comfortable in theirown skin. If opening up and sharing my story inspires even one person to staystrong or to get the help they need, I've succeeded."

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Collage of Demi Lovato at People's Choice Awards in pink dress & MTV promo picture of Demi's wrists with "Stay Strong" tattoos

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Viewers of the special will watch as Demi gears up for herfirst big tour since leaving for rehab and even watch her head home to Dallas,Texas for her family. She gets even more intimate by taking you inside thetreatment center she entered back in November 2010.

We love how open Demi is with everyone when it comes to whatshe’s dealt with in her personal life. And it’s nice for many people who aredealing with their own issues to have somebody to look up too and watch intheir life. We can’t wait to watch this special!

Are you going to catch Demi’s MTV special when it airs inMarch?

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