If you grew up having the most famous twins in the world,Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, as your older sisters, you would learn a thing ortwo about living in the spotlight. So when younger sister and actress ElizabethOlsen made a name for herself in the industry, she already had the hang ofdealing with the tabloids.

"I grew up knowing that everything that was written wasfake and so I don't even read any of those things," she tells ET Canada. "So,for me it's just not part of my life. I don't want it to be part of mylife."

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Close up of Elizabeth Olsen in white at Film Independent Spirit Awards

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She recently has been linked to True Blood hottie AlexanderSkarsgard after being spotted chatting it up at a private party. So what’s herwhole take when it comes to dating and relationships? “The one time I make itpart of my life and you have a conversation with someone, you’re just like,‘Okay, well, I guess talking to people is not a [relationship].’”

The 23-year-old  knowsif she wants to have a relationship in the wonderful world of Hollywood, she’dmost likely have to try and keep it as private as possible. That being said, isshe dating anyone?! "You know, I hung out with Tom Colicchio for 20minutes," she joked. Touché, Liz!

What do you think about Elizabeth’s wise words on celebritygossip?

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