Grammy-winning singer Erykah Badu may not have meant any harm by affixing temporary tattoos of the Arabic word for "Allah" on her shoulders, but Malaysian officials took offense anyway. EW is reporting that after seeing a publicity photo of Badu with the tattoos, the officials banned her from performing her scheduled concert in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday!

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The reasoning for banning Badu from performing was that she is considered an unsuitable role model for the people of Malaysia, and that the fake tattoo was "an insult to Islam and a very serious offense." Though Badu surely meant no harm by the tattoo or the photograph, Malaysian Information Minister Rais Yatim said that the photo "triggered public criticism that could jeopardize national security and cause a negative impact to the government's image."

Because Badu had already arrived in Malaysia, she will be allowed to stay -- but only as a tourist. She is not allowed to perform. She told the AP that she is "worried and dismayed" over this sudden turn of events.

Though Badu is the first performer to actually be banned from performing in Malaysia in several years, other singers such as Gwen Stefani and Avril Lagivne were told to dress "modestly" while on stage in the country.

What do you think of the temporary tattoo controversy? Should Erykah Badu have been more aware of what the message she was sending out with the publicity photo?

Photo courtesy of Fame Pictures