Ifyou've listened to any pop/rock station at any time in that last couple ofyears, chances are you've heard HotChelle Rae's music. Their super-catchy "party" songs haveprobably even gotten stuck in your head on occasion. The band hit the big timelast year when their songs Tonight, Tonightand I Like It Like That went platinumand they won the American Music Award for "New Artist of the Year."

Hollywire recently satdown for an exclusive interview with Hot Chelle Rae's lead vocalist/rhythmguitarist Ryan Follesé and drummer Jamie Follesé. Check it out!

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Whenasked about winning the American MusicAward, Ryan said, "It was everything that I thought it would be, and itwas also so much that I didn't expect… It really was about the fans. Theyenabled us to win that award. So it didn't really matter who we thanked, aslong as we thanked them." Jamie added, "I will tell you right now, Iwas not going to say anything on thatstage. No matter what speech was written, this guy was not saying a word."Looks like Ryan isn't just the band's lead vocalist, he's also the designatedspeech-giver, too!

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Asfor what they think about their LP Whateverselling like crazy and going on tour with TaylorSwift? "Seeing yourself doing things like playing in arenas withartists such as Taylor Swift or doing your own headlining tour and selling records,it's the dream," Ryan said. "It's what you want to do… You pick upyour guitar because you love music, but you ultimately want to be able to touchas many people as you can with it."

HotChelle Rae's next single is called Honestly,and Ryan describes it as "a kind of getting-even-breakup-song." But don'tworry – it's still got the band's signature party vibe!

Whatis your favorite Hot Chelle Rae song? Are you looking forward to Honestly hitting the airwaves?