The cast of Glee honored Whitney Houston during last night'sValentine's episode, titled 'Heart.' Just three days after her death, WhitneyHouston was the beloved subject of a moving musical tribute on FOX's hit show-- by sheer coincidence. Star Amber Riley covered her biggest hit, I WillAlways Love You that was planned by Glee's team long before her death.

In another coincidence, Amber Riley also met the legendary singer just 3 daysbefore she passed, and she said it was a moment she will never forget. Take alook at the touching moments via today's Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Riley recalled her meet and greet with the music icon atKelly Price’s pre-Grammy party and how she actually had to work up the courageto go speak with Houston. “I went over and I thanked her for letting us use hermusic and trusting it with us on Glee. She said ‘What show are you on, baby?’and I said ‘Glee.’ And she said, ‘Oh, you’re welcome’ and she rubbed my handand said ‘God bless you.’ I walked away and I almost started crying.” 

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