Amber Riley, the talented singer and actress who portrays Mercedes on Glee, has recently hit a weightloss milestone: she's dropped two whole dress sizes! She told People all about her transformation, including why and how she did it.

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Amber Riley before weight loss at 2010 Fulfillment Fund benefit and after at 2012 NAACP Awards

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Riley was suffering from chronic stomach pain and, after seeking a doctor's help, realized that her eating habits were taking their toll on her health. "I decided I was going to make a change," she said. "I've always been comfortable with my size. I just decided it was time to get healthy."

The first step? Elimating the fast food that was "attacking her stomach" from her diet. Seven months of exercising and staying away from fast food and burgers paid off in a big way -- she's now two dress sizes slimmer and feels better in fancy clothes. "I'm a lot more comfortable in dresses," she said. "Especially gowns." The costume designers on Glee have also had to adjust to Amber's changing figure. "They bought a lot of new clothes for me and we have to take in a lot of my pants and dresses." Not a bad problem to have!

You look fabulous, Amber! Congrats!

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