If you’re struggling to get through the rest of the work week or need some sort of pick-me-up from Valentine’s Day (or as we call it, Singles Awareness Day), we’ve got you covered! It’s Go Viral Wednesday, ya’ll! 

This week, we’ve got Nicholas Cage claiming he’s NOT a vampire (yeah right!), your favorite celebrities flirting with the Internet (namely Jon Krasinski, swoon), The Artist's Jean Dujardin's marathon of villain auditions and so much more. Are you ready tolaugh? It’s video time!

Jean DuJardin's Villain Auditions

The leading actor in the highlyacclaimed film The Artist, Jean DuJardin, is giving George Clooney a run for his Best Actor Oscar money, but in his off hours from promoting his film, he's shooting Funny or Die videos. While he may be auditioning for a string of villain roles (Bridesmaids 2 is our personal favorite -- think about it, Kristen Wiig), Jean comes off as the nicest guy you’ll evermeet. Also the sexiest guy, because, you know, he's French.

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Nicholas Cage Slams Vampire Rumors

Nicholas Cage HAS to be a vampire, right? I mean, he does lookfreakishly like the Tennessee man who is being described as a “walkingundead/vampire” who “reinvents himself once every 75 years.” While making anappearance on The Late Show With David Letterman, Cage addressed the scathing rumors (utterly scathing!) that he is actually the man in the photograph. He denied being an undead Nicolas Cage,but we don’t buy it. That's exactly what an undead Nic Cage WOULD say.

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Celebrities Flirting With The Internet (John Krasinski, EmmyRossum and more)

Have you ever wondering how your favorite stars get theirflirt on with their significant other? If you’re like us, that’s a big YES!Thankfully, Conan O’Brien took away all the wondering and had John Krasinkski,Emmy Rossum and more flirt…with you!

Ultimate Dog Tease Being Turned Into an Actual Film?

So you remember that video of the dog getting teased withfood by his owner and they have commentator speaking his part? If not, seevideo above. It’s pretty hilarious and a personal favorite of mine. Well, itmay be turned in a feature film. According to Collider, Paramount is actuallyin talks with two ex-Seinfeld writers to turn this YouTube sensation into afull-length comedy. Not sure how you feel about this idea? Watch the videoagain! And again. And again. Seriously, it never gets old! 

Zooey Deschanel Channels The Artist on Saturday Night Live

One of Hollywire’s favorite ladies Zooey Deschanel hostedlast week’s episode of Saturday Night Live and it definitely had to be one ofour favorites. Especially this sketch featuring a cameo from The Artist leadingman Jean Dujardin (the guy is EVERYwhere). Who needs to actually see the Oscar-nominated film when youcan see the knock-off version with Zooey and Kristen Wiig right here?? (But actuallly, see the movie too, it's amazing).

To recap, we had John Krasinski flirting with us over the Intenet, Nicholas Cage claiming he's not a vampire (psssh, yeah right!), Jean Dujardin trying to be a villain, a canine YouTube sensation being made into a film, and Zooey Deschanel dancing in black-and-white. All in all, I'd say this week was pretty successful when it comes to viral videos! But what do you think??

Which video was YOUR favorite?