The biggest teen sensation Justin Bieber is turning the big1-8 tomorrow and everyone is celebrating some way or another. To honor the talented fella, I want to show you an ad that Chrome put together an ad just for him toshow his rise to superstardom and his presence on both Google and YouTube!

And how are his fans celebrating? They are rallying together to give Justin the best present he could askfor – a Guinness World Record!

Chelsea Briggs gives you all the details in today’sHollywire Hot Minute!

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“What do you give someone who already has everything? AGuinness World Record!” That’s the slogan on Justin’s birthday website that wascreated to make sure he has the best birthday EVER. Fans of Bieber will try –and most likely succeed – to break the Guinness World Records mark for mostsocial media messages sent in a 24-hour period. Now how is Selena supposed tocompete with that?!

If you want to getinvolved and send your birthday love to the Biebs, head to the site and RSVPvia Facebook and get those fingers moving!

Now if you could send Justin a very special birthdaymessage, what would you like to say to him? Let us know!