Justin Bieber is one of THE biggest stars in the world, soof course people are going to try and make money off of him. Well, when RC3, a maker ofAndroid apps, created a new game called ‘Joustin Beaver,’ JB’s team took actionand sent a cease and desist letter to stop it from even happening.

Justin and his camp may have thought that this animatedbattle was over, but now RC3 is coming back swinging with their own lawsuit! According to the Hollywood Reporter, the video gamecreator does admit that the game was inspired by the Biebs.

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Close up of Justin Bieber smiling at TOSY

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But here’s their explanation: “In an effort to comment on the Defendant’s life, the Plaintiff, RC3, developed the aforementioned App entitled ‘Joustin Beaver.’ The App, a video game, is a parody of the commercial success of the Defendant and any celebrity.”

The lawsuit explains, “The parody app portrays a beaverfloating on a log down a river and knocks ‘Phot-Hogs’ that are attempting totake his photograph into the river.” Did we mention that the beaver is rockingJustin’s signature picture-perfect hair and wearing purple, his favorite color?

RC3’s defense is ‘Joustin Beaver is simply a parody ofJustin’s famous life and they have First Amendment rights to use hisintellectual property for video game purposes. Um, this all sounds pretty sillyright? But what do you guys think?

Is RC3 trying to just make a fun game for all the Beliebersor cashing in on Justin’s fame? Let us know! 

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