Syfy’s Being Human is one of the THE biggest shows out rightnow and we were lucky enough to chat with the gorgeous star Meaghan Rath! Shestopped by the Hollywire office and sat down with our very own Chelsea Briggs tochat about what fans can expect from the second season. She explains that whileSally gets to have adventures out of the house, it's definitely going to be adarker season.

Check out the interview here and let us know what you thinkabout Meaghan! We absolutely adore her!

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Being Human revolves around three roommates who are allliving together in Boston. It may sound simple enough but the twist is they areall struggling to live normal, day-to-day lives as a ghost, vampire and awerewolf! Pretty crazy, right?!

So what can fans of the hit series expect to see in secondseason?!   “Fans can expect a much darkerseason then season one,” she said. “I mean, season one was dark enough, but Ithink this year if last year we were trying to stay away from the monsters thatwe were, this year we’re falling a lot more into temptation and in an attemptto become more human and connect to that human side we actually become more monstrous.”

To all you fans out there, Meaghan has some serious love foreach and every one of you! “The syfy fans are the best people in the world,”she said. “They’re so interesting and humble and sweet and I just love talkingto them. They're very loyal.” You can catch Being Human when it airs Mondays at 9 pm on SyFy!

What did you think about Meaghan's interview? Don't you just love her?!