The Hunger Gamesfilm sure doesn't need any more advertising. Unless you've been living in District 13 for the past several months, you are surely aware that the moviewill be opening in theaters on March 23. You've probably even read the books.But that hasn't stopped the Hunger Games marketingteam from thinking outside the box and bringing clever marketing ploys to thepublic at large.

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White rose from President Snow on Valentine's Day to promote the Hunger Games movie

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For Valentine's Day today, the film's marketing team sentout white roses to many members of the press. The attached card is fromPresident Snow (played by Donald Sutherland in the film), the leader of Panem –the country where the story takes place. To the casual observer, the rose mightjust look like a thoughtful gift. But (and without giving too much away here) thoseof us who have read the books know that a white rose from President Snow is theabsolute creepiest thing the marketing team could send out. I'm shuddering justthinking about it.

Besides the super-creepy white rose, the Hunger Games marketers recently releasedthree new motion posters. But the interesting thing is, the posters do notfeature any of the film's main characters, nor do they even mention the name ofthe movie! Instead, they advertise products that exist only in the Hunger Games universe, and feature threeof the story's smaller characters. Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane (Wes Bentley) isfeatured in an ad for a facial hair trimmer, Hunger Games host and interviewer CaesarFickerman (Stanley Tucci) is advertising whitening toothpaste, and Katniss'stylist Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) is selling liquid gold eyeliner.

Check out the motion posters below!

What do you think of these creative advertising campaigns?

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Motion posters courtesy of Lionsgate