Weall know Chris Colfer as theadorable Kurt Hummel on Glee, but it turns out he's got a lotmore up his sleeve than just singing, dancing, and quipping one-liners. Colfer wrote(!!!) and stars in a brand new film called StruckBy Lightning, about a high schooler with dreams of attending Northwestern Universityand embarking on a successful writing career. But in order to get into thecollege of his dreams and put his life plan in motion, he's got to convince hisfellow high school students to help him put together a literary magazine.

Checkit out!

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Struck ByLightninghas quite the star-studded cast. In this one trailer alone, I spotted Allison Janney, Dermot Mulroney, ChristinaHendricks, Modern Family's Sarah Hyland, Bridesmaids' Rebel Wilson,and The Office's Angela Kinsey. And, of course, Colfer himself.

AndColfer's already got several more writing projects lined up. In addition to hisrecent deal to write two children's novels, he's got another screenplay in theworks – an as-yet unnamed film scheduled to film this coming summer!  

Willyou be going to see Struck By Lightningwhen it opens in theaters?