Vanessa Minnillo is now officially Vanessa Lachey! She tells Access Hollywood that seven months after marrying singer Nick Lachey, she legally took her husband's last name.

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The Wipeout host said that the name change was actually her idea! "We talked about it," she said, "and he was so sweet. He said, 'Whatever you want, I understand.' And I said, 'But would it mean a lot to you if I took it? Because I'm old-fashioned and I want to.' And he said, 'What guy wouldn't want their girl to take their name fully?' But he didn't push me, no, no, no."

Legally changing your name, both personally and professionally, is a huge deal and a major hassle, so Nick must be feeling really loved right about now. Vanessa is so busy with her career that it took a little while for her to get all the paperwork done but she says she got her new Social Security card last week and that she was planning on getting her new driver's license after the interview. So what's marriage like for them, seven months in? "[Being married] feels different," Vanessa said, "because you have this security blanket of knowing your partner and your best friend is there for you forever." Awww. It looks like this is one Hollywood couple that really is going to last!

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As for some other celebrities who took their husbands' names after getting married? Katy Perry changed her name to "Katy Brand" after marrying Russell, Portia de Rossi changed her last name to "DeGeneres" after marrying Ellen, Courteney Cox added "Arquette" to her name after marrying David, Demi Moore became "Demi Kutcher" four years after marrying Ashton, Eva Longoria added "Parker" to her name after marrying basketball player Tony Parker, and Sarah Michelle Gellar recently changed her last name to "Prinze" for her and Freddie Prinze Jr's fifth wedding anniversary.

But you may notice a trend with those other celebrities -- most of them only changed their names in the personal lives. They kept their maiden names for their professional lives. And the few who actually did change their names professionally (Courteney Cox-Arquette and Eva Longoria-Parker) used a hyphen, so their maiden name was still in there somewhere. It looks like Vanessa Lachey has got them all beat -- she changed her professional name and didn't even use a hyphen!

What do you think of Vanessa's decision to change her last name?

Photo courtesy of Pacific Coast News / Video courtesy of Access Hollywood