Fans of Amanda Seyfried make think they know everything thatthere is to know about the hot actress. But she explained to Conan O’Brien onestrange obsession she said – taxidermy. Yes, taxidermy. She stopped by the latenight talk show and explained how she already has a number of actual stuffedanimals, even a horse! Conan decided, as a gift, to hand over another animal toadd to her collection.

Watch as Amanda receives a Screeching Jet Pack Raccoon as agift. She gets pretty excited!

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While Seyfried wasn’t shy about her excitement for her newfurry, stuffed friend, she was none too impressed with whomever did theactually taxidermy work. As O’Brien tries to transition from the gift to a clipfrom her new film Gone, the actress gets a little distracted petting her newfriend. How funny is she?!

What did you think about Amanda’s interesting obsession withtaxidermy? Pretty unexpected right?!