While it seems Nicki Minaj is everywhere these days -- this week the hip hop artist was featured in David Guetta's newest music video, on the same day one of her other vids was banned from a big network. In today's Hollywire Hot Minute hosted by me (Chelsea Briggs), I want to know if you think the reason's behind BET's decision to ban Minaj's Stupid Hoe video are legit, or well, not so legit! 

Peep the video and please share your opinion with me! 

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Besides the ban controversy, I have to admit Minaj's Frankenstein-esk character in Guetta's Turn me On music video is pretty awesome. Not to mention, the visual affects are impressive. The duo have awesome chemistry on camera, and we're totally digging everything about this video.

Alright, and now for deets behind the video that's been deemed 'too hot' for TV: The video, which can be seen below, features Minaj in her trademark Lady-Gaga-gone-Circus-Circus outfits with giant pink hair, slinging burns such as "I'm Angelina, you Jennifer/ C'mon bitch, you see where Brad at." But as Spin pointed out, the actual reason for the ban might have more do with how silly the network would have looked bleeping the word "hoe" 52 times and "fuck" another 10. (the video itself isn't that raunchy, but it's the words that hold the R rated key.) 

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Although, many may argue that BET is known for running way more explict music videos in comparison to 'Stupid Hoe.' Hmmm... 

So tell me, do you think BET's decision to ban Nicki Minaj's newest video right? Let me know below!