Another weekend has come and gone, but not without a widevariety of crazy rumors. This past weekend we had some celebs dating, somegetting kicked out of parties for crazy behavior, and some trying to keep tabson their significant others. Basically just another weekend in Hollywood,right? But now it’s time to decipher what’s true and what’s a total hoax!

Is Kim Kardashian dating another football star? How many nanniesdoes Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter have exactly? And did Jennifer Lopez REALLYbuy a cell phone to keep track of Casper Smart? Sit back, relax, and let usfill you in in this week’s Weekend Rumor Mill!

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Weekend Rumor Mill with Kim Kardashian, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lopez

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Kim Kardashian is used to being linked to some random celeb – or athleteusually – and this weekend it was no different. Many outlets were reportingthat the reality star was getting “hot and heavy” with NFL player Mark Sanchez.Sports blog TerezOwens reported that “the two started ‘secretly’ dating whileKim was filming the FIRST season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, pre-Kris Humphries days, and now they are back together, hot and heavy.” Wellfolks, this one is just another made up hook up! Kim tweeted on Friday, “Datingrumors are always fun when u don’t even know the people your supposedly linkedto! Who makes this stuff up!” We wonder the same think, Kim!

Jennifer Lopez has YET to come out and confirm her relationshipwith dancer Casper Smart but the two are constantly spotted out and aboutlooking very much in love. But did Lopez really buy a $10,000 cell phone tokeep an eye on his beau?! According to In Touch, she wants Casper “to sever allties with his former girlfriend” and surprised him with a “$10,000 cell phoneand, of course, a new number!” A source even told the mag, “Jennifer is veryinsecure when it comes to Casper. She strong-armed him into cutting all tieswith his former girlfriends, and this is a way to keep tabs on him.” Um, we don’tbuy this one bit! Moving on…

Did Michael Fassbender get a little too wild for his own premiere party forA Dangerous Method in London? A source told The Sun, “He was grabbing hisco-stars and waltzing around the room with them. He lit a cigarette indoors andthat was the point it had gone too far.” Oh, but it didn’t end there! Thewitness continued, “Michael was politely asked to leave. He was in good spiritsbut it was becoming a bit of a handful for the other guests.” This rumor wascleared up REAL fast thanks to Fassbender’s rep as well as GQ editor OliviaCole, who actually hosted the bash. The actor’s rep told Gossip Cop that thestory is “incorrect” and Cole took the Twitter to call the alleged incident “completefiction.” She also wrote, “We were glad he was there and no one was asked toleave early, but hey, feel free to just make it up#thatsnotjournalismitscreativewriting.”

We already knew that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s little girl Blue Ivy Carter wouldbe living the high life as soon as she was welcomed into this world. But is shereally being taken care of by six nannies and drinking out of asapphire-encrusted bottle?! According to In Touch, Blue Ivy has six nannies,two that are on call at all times. A friend of the singer told the mag, “Beyoncewanted to make sure that her daughter has the best of care. Her diaper ischanged every hour.” And how is the proud papa contributed to his little girl?With diamonds, of course! “Jay-Z bought her diamond earrings and a platinumbaby bracelet,” the friends said. “Even her bottle has pink sapphires on it.”We think this is just a little over the top, right? We have no doubt that thenew parents do want the very best for Blue Ivy, but this is just a little toocrazy to believe!

At the end of it all, it was a pretty UNEVENTFUL weekend in Hollywood nowthat we’ve cleared these pesky rumors up. But no worries, next Monday we’llhave a brand new batch of silly gossip reports to take on and let the recordstraight!

Which rumor do you think was totally insane?! 

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