The Oscar after parties that went down last night is theperfect place for rumors to start swirling on heated topics. For example, didSelena Gomez really head to the Vanity Fair Oscar party with Justin because hercamp “told her too?” Allow us to divide the truth from the lies in this week’sWeekend Rumor Mill!

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Selena Gomez at the Vanity Fair Oscar 2012 after-party

Selena Gomez looked like a vision at the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party butwithout a certain teen idol on her arm? Where was Justin?! According toHollywood Life, her beau wasn’t there because her team convinced her to goalone for career purposes! “Selena’s camp doesn’t want Selena to be known as ‘JustinBieber’s Girlfriend’ rather than an actress and singer or entertainer,” asource told the site. Actually, Justin was in the studio hard at work on hisupcoming album Believe! “There is time to play…and then there are times to workhard and get my fans an album,” Bieber tweeted on Sunday. “until then. #STUDIO#BELIEVE.” Case closed!

Collage of Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore

With all the different Oscar after-parties to choose from, it can be prettydifficult for some A-List stars to decide which one they should attend. Wellaccording to The Mirror, Cameron Diaz had one less to choose from since sheapparently wasn’t invited to Madonna’s party! But why? One person in particularisn’t the biggest fan of Diaz – Demi Moore! The actress, who has co-hosted thebash for the past couple of years, may not have attended the party, but that doesn’tmean she doesn’t have a say in who would be there! A source said, “Demi wasinstrumental in the guest list and told Madonna that there was no way in hellCameron should be allowed over the threshold. As a result she's been blackballed,and security informed not to let her in under any circumstances.” How did thisall begin? Good old Ashton Kutcher got a little flirty with Cameron at a GoldenGlobes party with Demi standing right there. Yikes!

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'Revenge' co-stars Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman in screen capture

Revenge co-stars Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman have been rumored to be hotand heavy for the past coupleof months now, although they haven’t gone publicabout it. Well, according to, they were all about PDA at the Vanity Fair after party last night! The two may not have posed together on the carpet, but Emily and Josh “gently held hands as they cut through the crowd.” Awe! How cuteare these two together?!

Sean Young at Oscar 2012 pre-show brunch

It wasn’t all fun and games at one Oscar after party where some of thebiggest stars were in attendance. According to AP, 52-year-old actress Sean Youngwas arrested and placed under citizen’s arrests after a very public fight! Saywhat?! It all went down at the Governor’s Ball last night where the BladeRunner star was booked at the Hollywood police station for investigation ofmisdemeanor battery. She was later released at around 3 a.m. after posting $20,000 bail! No other details have been released surrounding the incident, but stay tuned! 

Alright, out of all the craziness that was the Oscars, which story was YOUR favorite? The feud between Cameron and Demi?!

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