Amanda Bynes made a big uh oh yesterday in L.A. After beingpulled over by the police for talking on her cell phone while driving, sheactually sped off to try and get away from the ticket! So what?!

According to TMZ, when the police officer collected all ofBynes’ information to write up a ticket for the incident, the actress  drove off when the cop turned his back. Theofficer did not chase after the star since, well, he had all her information tofind her!

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Amanda Bynes at 2011 MTV Movie Awards in brown dress with turquoise shoes

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But, Bynes must have realized the error of her ways andheaded to the police station to receive the cell phone ticket. Everything isn’tall fine and dandy just yet for Amanda, since authorizes are currentlyinvestigating the situation and she could be slammed with even more charges forher drive off.

Ironically, Amanda’s last tweet was “Live fast die young badgirls do it well!” posted two days ago. Foreshadowing perhaps?

What do you think about Amanda’s drive off? Not too smart,was it?

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