SXSW 2012 is right around the corner, or five days away tobe exact. With it being THE place to see not only your favorites like TheShins, fun, John Mayer and many others, it’s also where you can hear some upand coming music that we can pretty much guarantee you’ll be addicted too.

Since the list of bands that are attending the week-long festival is prettymuch endless, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites that are ones to watch outfor at SXSW! You can thank us later.

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Who She Is: Originally from New Zealand and currently basedin Australia, she is well known as the female counterpart to Gotye andcollaborated with him on his popular single Somebody That I Used To Know.

Albums to Date: Vows

Why We Love Her: First off, the girl’s voice is pretty darnamazing. Add some quirky jazz chords and a catchy melody and you've got a musicsuccess!


Who They Are: Consisting of Christopher Owns and Chet “JR”White, this San Francisco band gives you a mix of indie rock with a little bitof Elvis Costello vibe thrown in there.

Albums to Date: Album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Why We Love Them: The mix of rock and pop these two fellasbring to their listeners is the perfect combination that we just can't seem to get enough of!


Who They Are: A punk rock band from Walnut Creek, Californiathat began in 2004 and is made up of Evan Armitage, Joshua T. McShane, Audelio FloresJr., Daniel Coddaire, Joe Saucedo and Mike Ambrose.

Albums: Mutiny!, This Will Be the Death of Us, Burning atBoth Ends

Why We Love Them: These guys are the epitome of a punk rockband! I mean, can you hear that hard-hitting rock sound?! Enough said. 


Who They Are: Based in Las Vegas, they have been featured ona number of different television shows, such as MTV’s World of Jenks, RealWorld: Las Vegas, Degassi and more. They’ve also hit the road with musicianslike Foster the People, Weezer, Kelly Clarkson, O.A.R., etc. so you KNOW they’rea pretty big deal!

Albums: Imagine Dragons, Hell and Silence, It’s Time,Continued Silence

Why We Love Them: Their eccentric sound not only makes youwant to rock out, but also break out some serious dance moves along with it. What more could you ask for?


Who They Are: Getting their start in London back in 2008,duo Jamie Scott and Tommy “D” Danvers created the group that has gone on to havetheir songs featured on Grey’s Anatomy and The Secret Circle. Let's not forget to mention that they've also topped up andcoming band lists for MTV and The New York Post.

Albums: Stone In My Heart EP, Colours

Why We Love Them: We love the sound they've created, which consists of electric piano and an offbeat guitar that fits together oh-so-perfectly.


Who They Are: Canadian-based musician who also lives a doublelife as a music video director and is wickedly talented on the keyboard.

Albums: Geidi Primes, Halfaxa, Visions

Why We Love Them: As a one-woman show, Grimes has created adream-like electric pop sound that we just can’t stop listening to! We have a feeling you'll agree! 

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Who They Are: Straight out of Brooklyn, these guys havetoured the country, capturing the hearts of hundreds of fans along the way. Theysoon became known for their “jingle jangle” sound and “single note guitar”style.

Albums: Beach Fossils, What a Pleasure EP

Why We Love Them: Their brand of ethereal shoegaze pop seems to be tailor-made for summer  -- but their debut self-titled album will surely keep us warm through the cooler spring months. It also does't hurt that the boys in the band are pretty dreamy. We have a feeling the band will be a household name by the end of 2012!


Who They Are: Natives of Sydney, Australia, thefemale-fronted group is all about pop-punk power that carries an in-your-face attitude along with it.

Albums: What Are You So Scared Of?

Why We Love Them: How could you not love this band? Theysort of remind us of Paramore, whom we love, and they’ll haveno problem taking on the U.S. one feisty song at a time.

*Update - We just heard word from Tonight Alive's PR rep that they had to cancel their appearance due to medical issues. We hope the girls get better soon!*

So out of all the bands -- which do you think will hit it the BIGGEST this year??