We’ve doneshowdowns before here at Hollywire, sometimes fashion and sometimes puttingbands together. But this time it’s all about cute, fluffy animals! We’repitting Selena Gomez’s puppy and Taylor Swift’s kitten in the ring as thecutest of cute when it comes to celebrity pets!

Chelsea Briggsexplains in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!


Okay, here’s theback story on both of cute, four-legged friends. Swifty recently posted a videothat made our heart melt of her little kitten Meredith. Trust us, it’s adefinite must-see. 

Back in October,Selena adopted a beautiful Husky that goes by the name of Baylor. It wasrumored that the pup was taken in by Gomez AND Justin. Talk about a lucky dog!

Alright, now it’scome time to cast your vote as which pet is THE cutest? Selena Gomez's puppyBaylor or Taylor Swift's kitty, Meredith!? Let me know in the comments below!