If you're confused about the futuristic world of Panem where The Hunger Games takes place, don't worry, you're not alone. Here's what we knew: it's formerly North America, it's comprised of 12 Districts, one Capitol, and the obliterated District 13, and each District has its own industry. Well, some Livejournaling superfans decided that wasn't enough, and they made this awesome map!

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What made aimmyarrowshigh and badguys create this very detailed map? Here's whey they said:

"We were like, but Panem is supposed to be North America,not just the United States. While parts of Canada and Mexico would certainlyhave fallen into the sea in the case of a natural disaster or excessive bombingor whatever, it's illogical to completely disregard them. It also is irksome that it doesn't show the Districts in any kind of numericalor logical order; why would D10 be wedged into D7, D5, and D2, and why would D9separate D5 and D2? So we were like, HEY, LET'S MAKE A MAP OF PANEM!"

And here are just a few "alluded-to" details from the book that helped them figure out the layout of greater Panem

-The Capitol is in Denver.

-D12 is Appalachia.

-D11 shares a border with D12, is one of the largestdistricts, is South of D12, and is primarily used for growing grain andproduce.

-D10 is primarily used for raising livestock. They do NOTprocess the livestock in D10. However, to feed an entire nation, D10 is likelyanother very large District.

-D9 processes food for the Capitol and the tesserae;therefore, it likely shares borders with the food production Districts (D4,D10, D11).

-D8 produces and treats textiles and is a factoryDistrict. It is POSSIBLE to reach D12 from D8 on foot over a course ofweeks/months. Therefore, it does not cross a large body of water.

-D7 specializes in lumber. It's probably large. It has norole in food processing or manufacture.

-D6 works closely with the Capitol in the research andmanufacture of drugs (morphling, medicines). It likely has close ties to D5 inthe production of mutts.

-D5 is entirely dependent on the Capitol, so it's probablysomewhat nearby, and specializes in genetic research and manipulation. Becauseof the necessity of creative thought and intellect, it's most likely a smallerDistrict so that it's easier to monitor and control.

-D4 is the ocean. It does have a role in food production.It's very large. It is a Career District, so it likely is near the Capitol andhas some self-sufficiency, but not enough that it doesn't engender loyalty.(Aside from that, D4 = perfect.)

-D3 has extremely close ties to the Capitol and works withelectronics and technology. It is likely small, the Capitol can closely monitorits scientific minds. It has no role in food manufacture or processing.

Super cool. Check out their whole map making process here!

Do you find this map of Panem helpful in understanding the world of The Hunger Games?

Photo courtesy of aimmyarrowshigh and badguys