Ella Mae Bowen's new song "Girl on Fire" has just been released on YouTube -- and fans of The Hunger Games won't have to look far to know where she got her inspiration! Check it out:

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16-year-old Bowen is one of country music's biggest rising stars -- her cover of "Holding Out for a Hero" was prominently featured in the recent remake of Footloose, and she's currently recording her first album for Big Machine, the record company that represents such artists as Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts.

Bowen told EW that she first read The Hunger Games in her 8th grade English class and immediately fell in love with Katniss' story. "I just remember being really inspired by the themes offighting for love and family, the unrequited love, the strength of the girlcharacter. She’s such a great character. It’s in a different time period, butit’s setting is like Appalachia, which is where I grew up," she said. Man, I wish we read books like The Hunger Games when I was in 8th grade! For us, it was boring stuff like Silas Marner and A Separate Peace.

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She loved the book so much that when she heard the movie was asking musicians to submit their music for soundtrack consideration, Bowen jumped at the opportunity. She wrote the song "Girl on Fire" with her producer Seth Bolt. The lyrics go: "Lover hold me/Fighter join me/Whose side are you on/Oh,when the lines are drawn/Fear that blinds me/Faith that burns me/Lost andconfused/Through all the smoke and the blaze of you/The flames are gettinghigher/Girl on Fire."

Unfortunately the song didn't make it into the movie, but that didn't stop Bowen from finding another way to send it out into the world. She posted the song on YouTube on Tuesday, hoping to reach as many Hunger Games fans as possible. The song is so beautiful, and so perfect (both mood and lyric-wise) for the story, that I'm sure Bowen's going to soon have a huge following!

What do you think of Ella Mae Bowen's song "Girl on Fire"?

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