Robert Pattinson is an incredibly versatile actor -- and if he's been looking for a way to get away from his squeaky-clean Twilight image, the trailer for his new film Cosmopolis just might do the trick!

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Cosmopolis is about a billionaire asset manager who sets out to get a haircut, but instead encounters a day and night filled with violence, debauchery, and darkness. In the trailer (which is subtitled in French), Robert says, "I’m looking for more. Aim and fire. Come on, do it. Flipthe switch. Show me something I don’t know." That line, paired with the creepy "dead" look in his eyes, pretty much sums up the overall vibe the trailer is giving off -- Robert's character is desperate to feel something, even if that "something" is pain.

E! Online is reporting that Robert's role was actually supposed to be played by Colin Farrell before he had to drop out because of prior obligations to the remake of Total Recall. Cosmopolis also stars PaulGiamattiJuliette BinocheSamantha MortonJay Baruchel,and Matthieu Amalric

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Though this could very well be Robert's "breakthrough" role into the world of darker and more "adult" films than The Twilight Saga, he actually already has a pretty diverse resume. One of his first post-Harry Potter roles was Salvador Dali in Little Ashes, in which he shared sex scenes with another male actor. He also played a troubled student with an anger management problem in Remember Me and will play the role of Georges Duroy, a man who manipulates wealthy women in order to rise to power, in the upcoming Bel Ami.

Cosmopolis opens in France in May (hence the trailer's French subtitles) but there is still no official U.S. release date.

Do you think Robert Pattinson took on the role in Cosmopolis to change audiences' perception of him  solely as Edward Cullen?

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