30 Rock star Tina Fey isn't just an award-winning writer and actor -- she's also the kind of cool that makes us all wish she was our best friend. And this new video for NBC.com's "Ask Tina" (in which Tina demonstrates her mad dancing skills and reveals her plan for the zombie apocalypse) reminds us how awesome she really is.

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When asked about her unique, Elaine-eqsue dancing style, Tina says, "A lot of times, for me, it's about feeling themusic or whatever is happening. It comes from my core.Whatever is happening in my core eventually gets out into my limbs and usually,by the time it gets out to my limbs, it gets kind of martial andmilitary." Martial and military... and utterly hilarious.

And as for what she would do during a zombie apocalypse, Tina admits that she wouldn't last long. "I would try to run head-first toward a zombie's mouth so they would just eat my brain and head area first, so that I could be dead sooner. 'Cause it would be bad if a zombie started on, like, your femur. And then you'd just be like, 'Oh boy. This is gonna be hours.'" Excellent plan, Tina. You should pitch that to the writers of the Walking Dead! It could make for some interesting television, that's for sure!

Also, I should give props to the people who wrote in with those questions. The woman who said, "Every time you dance, an angel gets its wings" is kind of my hero.

What was your favorite part of this hilarious Tina Fey video?

Video courtesy of NBC