You know, celebrities are normal people just like us. Theygo grocery shopping, they walk their dogs and they’re obsessed with The HungerGames like we are! Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley is part of that group andafter seeing the much-talked about flick, he could only thing of one thing:Occupy Wall Street. Wait, what?

After check out the film at the New York premiere, the OWS supporter gavehis two cents on the connection between the two. “"It's the one percent[killing the kids]," he said. "I think you'd have to be blind to notsee that. I was shocked to see all that in there."

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Close up of Penn Badgley at the Rock & Republic for Kohl's Fashion Show  red carpet

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Not a follower of the book series, Badgley continued, “I thought it wasgoing to be the games. But then I realized, and I thought, 'If this doesn't endin revolution, it's irresponsible, because of everything it's bringing up.' IfKatniss doesn't become a f**king revolutionary, then I don't know what they'redoing. And as it went on, I went, 'F**k! That's what they're doing!' Which iscool."

Viewers and critics of THG have been singing nothing butpraises for the script, directing, acting, etc. Drew McWeeny of HitFix said, “It is a pure movie star performance, and Lawrencerises to the occasion… The Hunger Games is likely to be a major hit, and inthis case, it deserves to be."

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