Grey's Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo was on Chelsea Lately on Monday and dished on what it's like having onscreen make-out sessions with actors she doesn't know.

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"You don’t get to pick who you make out with," Ellen told Chelsea Handler. "It’snot like they paraded a bunch of hot guys in front of me and said, 'Who do youwant?' They would just throw a guy in the mix and be like, 'Here, now you haveto lie in the bed with him.'" Chelsea replied, "I don’t understand how any actresses gothrough with kissing a stranger." And Ellen said, "It’s not easy. It’s gross."

Wow, finally, an actress who admits that onscreen kisses are awkward! Usually you hear people going, "Oh George Clooney is such a good kisser," and things like that. But it's got to be weird being forced to kiss someone you barely know, and make it look real and passionate, while in front of a hundred crew members!

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As for what it’s like kissing Patrick Dempsey, who Ellen does know very well by this point? That's not much better! "We are literally like brother and sister, so itdoes get awkward… We don’t use tongue, but you have to kind of open your moutha little bit to make it look real."

Chelsea also asked Ellen about the rumors that Katherine Heigl is coming back to the show,but Ellen pretty much squashed any possibility of those rumors being true. “Idon’t think so, no. I don’t think that’s happening.” Sorry, Izzie fans!

Are you bummed that Katherine Heigl won't be coming back to Grey's after all?

Video courtesy of YouTube / E!