Everyone suspected that the midnight opening of The Hunger Games was going to be HUGE, so it's not surprising that the film earned at least $25 million from it's midnight screenings and the number is expected to go up later today after all the receipts have been counted.

Hunger Games Cast

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The Hunger Games has to reach at least $30.26 million to beat out Breaking Dawn Part 1, which brought in $30.25 million in midnight screenings. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is still standing strong as the midnight screenings record holder with $43.5 million in ticket sales, the Huffington Post reports.

Box office observers are estimated the total for The Hunger Games opening weekend to reach over $130 million, which is a number usually reserved for franchise sequels such as The Dark Knight. Considering the amount of hype behind the film and it's already stellar earnings, $130+ seems attainable.

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Photo courtesy of Fame/Flynet