Alright, so we already know it must have been pretty awesometo be a part of The Hunger Games, right? I mean, you get to work with LiamHemsworth and Josh Hutcherson for starters. Plus it’s a guaranteed box officesuccess that people just can’t stop talking about. Leading lady JenniferLawrence proved our point even more in the latest issue of People where sheexplained what life was like on the set of the upcoming film. Get ready to begreen with envy, folks.

Lawrence shared her bonding experience with Josh and Liam and said, “One daywe went down to a creek to catch a crawdad, ’cause Liam didn’t know what itwas. I saw one and was like, ‘Catch it!’ Josh did and it got stuck to his hand.It was a leech! Then we went to Walmart and bought slingshots.”

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Close up of Jennifer Lawrence at the 'The Hunger Games' premiere in LA

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To make us even more jealous,she explained the dynamic of the set by saying, “It was like some weird summercamp.” Ready for the best part? Jennifer also recalled there were times whencostar Lenny Kravitz would play music back at the hotel. A private Lennyconcert? Um, yes please!

Fans are more than ready for the release of THG, especiallyafter Monday’s black carpet premiere at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. March23rd can’t come soon enough, am I right?!

How excited are you for The Hunger Games? Have you boughtyour tickets yet?! 

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