Justin Bieber went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to celebrate his 18th birthday, and while there he got an amazing birthday gift -- a brand new Fisker Karma, one of the most in-demand sports cars in the world!

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Justin Bieber in a blue jacket at the Michael Jackson Hand and Footprint Ceremony

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Justin was given the car by his manager, Scooter Braun, People reports. "You work really hard," Braun told him. "I always yell at you, 'Don't get anything flashy!' You know, we're not about that. Be humble, be humble. And I kind of broke my own rule. We wanted to make sure, since you love cars, that when you're on the road you are always environmentally friendly. And we decided to get you a car that would stand out... I think you know where I'm going, and you're kind of freaking out right now. That's a Fisker Karma."

Like Braun said, the Fisker Karma is environmentally friendly -- it's a plug-in hybrid, so it runs on electricity as well as gas. Leonardo DiCaprio got the first one ever made and politicians Al Gore and Colin Powell drive them as well. The car's price starts at $100,000. Jeez, all I got for my 18th birthday was a card and pair of earrings.

The episode of Ellen airs today, so be sure to tune in to watch Justin "freaking out" over his gift!

What do you think of Justin's birthday gift? Totally rad or way too extravagant?

Photo courtesy of Fame Pictures