Lady Gaga, is that you?! It’s hard to imagine Gaga not beingher usual, eccentric self with crazy hair and clothes. Yes, there was a point when she wasn't walking around in a meat dress or with a bright colored wig on. To prove it, check out these recently surfaced pictures of the star! Taken back when she was only 19-years-old, we see a more stripped down,almost unrecognizable version of Gaga!

Chelsea Briggs shows you this rare side in today’s HollywireHot Minute!

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Back when she was known as Stefani Germanotta, the now-Gagashowed off a softer side of herself. In a simple white dress, brunette hair andnatural make up, she poses on top of piano for the camera. Fast forward a fewyears and we have the Mother Monster herself that we all know and love for herunique looks and onstage tactics.

So, what do you guys think about Gaga’s “born this way”look? Do you like this more natural version of her? Also, would you like to seemore of this? Let us know!